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•Stress & Anxiety




•Awareness & Self-Growth

The workshops are written in 5 different modules or themes which one can identify as an area they wish to work on. Having said that, regardless of which module you choose, I will give you the Stress & Anxiety one also because I feel it to be relevant in everyone's life.




•Breathing Techniques

•Grounding Techniques





All workshops are underpinned by what I call the 'corner stones' of our lives. These are areas that affect the rest of our life, like dominoes. In other words when one area is not working properly due to being neglected, other areas are automatically affected…

Our stress levels, tolerance and the ability to cope, our attitude and outlook on life, focus, efficiency, sleep and ultimately our health, is all affected!

What can I expect from the Workshop?

You can expect to learn a large amount of skills, techniques and tools to help you in countless of every day situations such as for example squabbling children, toxic relationships, a difficult boss, that friend who leaves you feeling drained...  just general stress and life's struggles.

How are the Workshops delivered?

The workshops can be delivered 1:1 in clinic or on the phone/video call.

In the future I would like to deliver these in small groups as I think people's questions makes for good group conversation and everyone learns from each other! Hopefully when the virus has passed on we can look forward to this!

What Mary said...

I would highly recommend Sarah. I attended Sarah at her clinic and I found her to be very caring and understanding. After having disruptive sleep at night thanks to Sarah I'm now sleeping the night through. She also gave me techniques to help with daily stress and I'm very thankful to her for all her help x

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