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         I use recycled materials and Irish suppliers!

Wellness hamper, wellbeing-hamper, wellness-hamper-Laois

Wellness & Little Wellness Box

Wellness Box

Bereavement-gift, condolence-gift, grief-gift

Grief Journey Box

Grief Journey Box

wellness-gift, wellbeing-gift, unique-gift

A variety of Mini Packs

A variety of Mini Packs

Mission Statement for my Self-Care products

My goal is to provide you with simple but real, honest and powerful tools, to support your stress levels and hence your mental & physical health. In a world where there is an overload of health information, this is really simple starting point for a large variety of tools, with real results.

'Tried and tested’ scientific information.

Developed following 25 years of experience in health care.

Self-Care Range

This range of self-care products is a really simple starting point of tools and techniques, for anyone who wants a better life than what they have at the moment!

The range is for the person who wants…

to be able to improve their outlook,

to sleep better,

be sick less,

be more productive and efficient,

to keep worry at bay,

to deal with stress and not get overwhelmed,

to have a go to tool when things get tough,

to develop habits which results in fewer tough times,

and when they happen, quicker recovery rates!

And if you are going through grief, all of the above, but with less heartache and a scaffolding of support to hold on to.

And when all that is mastered, I have a list ready with other things you can use to move even further along the journey of self-growth.

This is the box that I wish I had, over a decade ago, when I started with my holistic journey!

It is….


Healing Habits

Stress Release



in a box!

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