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Grief Journey Box

A unique & caring gift for someone grieving.

FREE shipping within Ireland

Dispatched within 1-2 days, contact me if more urgent and I'll do my best (087 6929157)

FREE option to place a note inside if it is a gift

                         I use recycled materials and Irish suppliers!

nightmares, insomnia, sleep-disturbances
grief-gift, bereavement-gift, condolence-gift
Gratitude-journal, gratitude-journaling

The Grief Journey Box is filled with gently, sympathetic information and tools to support you going through the grieving process.

There are 6 entities to choose from, one of which is a booklet, which itself has over 10 techniques explained, including a brief outline of the actual grieving process.

From all these many pieces of information and tools, you will be able to choose one which resonates with you, then move on to the others in your own time.

In my welcome letter, I also tell people to feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or join my Facebook group, especially dedicated for users of my Self-Care Boxes.

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