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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic, complimentary and non-invasive therapy. It is totally client focused and takes in your physical, physiological and emotional needs. It is a marriage between western science and eastern philosophy. A kinesiologist is not a healer, but simply holds the space for you, as the body is self-healing once it has the right resources. Through the science of muscle testing, we ‘talk’ to your body as we have access to your ‘bio-feed’, a communication system between your brain and muscles, and so we can identify where in the body the stress is, its causes, emotions behind it and what your body needs to diffuse the stress and heal itself.

Simply put, what this mostly looks like for you, is that while you are lying down, I gently hold your wrist and using very light pressure push your wrist to get a response from a muscle in your arm to a question I have asked of your body.

Where did it come from?

Kinesiology was developed in the 1960’s by George Goodheart. He was a chiropractor and he found that when he muscle tested his clients as to what corrections they needed the corrections would hold longer and the client improved quicker. In other words, he ‘asked’ the body what it needed verses applying corrections that he, with his trained knowledge, thought the person needed.

Types of Kinesiology?

There are many different types of kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology is the one that George developed and it concentrates a lot on physical application. There is also Systematic Kinesiology and others…. each have a slightly different way of practicing and are done so all around the world. I practice Specialised Kinesiology. This system uses the original kinesiology techniques, described above, but also incorporates principles from traditional Chinese medicine.

So, in summary, the Kinesiology I practice looks at your emotional, nutritional, structural and electrical aspects and is therefore an all-encompassing holistic technique. Specialised Kinesiology always works with what is the priority for you right now in this moment.

What does it treat?

Kinesiology supports the entire body so can be used to treat a massive variety of ailments from headaches to insomnia to lack of focus to IBS. I see clients who suffer from a variety of issues but anxiety and stress are massive at the moment, often leading to poor sleep, lack of motivation, anger, comfort eating, perfectionism and just sheer overwhelm as people are trying their best to cope.

If I was to list everything that can be treated by Kinesiology, it seems unbelievable. Think of it this way; everything in your body, in your energy system, is interlinked. In complimentary therapy, we don’t really treat one symptom on its own, we treat the whole body.

In this way, when you treat one symptom it automatically has an effect on other areas of your body and life.


The session is non-invasive and totally led by you. Nothing will happen that you do not want or are not able for. First, we fill out your details on a GDPR and consent form, then we talk about the reason for your visit and I take a general history and summary of where you are at in life regarding your diet, sleep etc. You are free to tell me only what you are comfortable discussing, there is no pressure, you are leading the pace!

When we have chatted enough, you take off your shoes, leave socks on, and lie on a plinth (like a massage bed) for the balance (session). Firstly, I like to teach you the muscle testing so that you have a little understanding of how I get the feedback from your energy system. I do this in very simple terms so no rocket science needed! Then we begin the actual balance…. that part is so varied and unique to each person, it would be difficult to write about here!

But be assured that clients state to enjoy the ‘time-out’ that the experience gives them and report improvements in most areas of their lives after just one session, and a lot are aware of changes there and then! That’s the part that I just love, when people are in awe of their own awakening.

What Louise said...

When I first went for kinesiology, I really didn't know what to expect. Sarah is very calm and gentle and puts you at ease right away. She starts every session with a short consultation and then the treatment which is painless and very interesting. Sarah is very professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her and kinesiology to anyone.

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