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Q & A

What does Kinesiology treat?

Kinesiology supports the entire body so can be used to treat a massive variety of ailments. I see a lot of clients who suffer from anxiety and stress which then leads to poor sleep, lack of motivation, anger, comfort eating, perfectionism, overwhelm to name just a few side symptoms.

If I was to list everything Kinesiology treats, it almost looks too good to be true, but if you think of it this way; everything is interlinked. In complimentary medicine we don’t really treat one symptom on its own, we treat the whole body.

What happens during a Treatments?

The session is non-invasive and totally client led. First, we talk about the reason for your visit and then also take a general history and summary of where you are at in life regarding your diet, sleep etc. Then you take off your shoes, leave socks on, and lie on a plinth (like a massage bed) for the balance (session).

Clients state to enjoy the ‘time-out’ that the experience gives them and report improvements in most areas of their lives after just one session.

How long does a session last?

Your first session will be at least an hour and may well run over into the second hour. I like to get a good history and idea of your life as it is now and I want you to give you as much help as I can to set you up on your healing journey. How long we actually spend chatting and then on the balance is very unique, some people chat for ages and spend 15 minutes on the plinth, others talk very little and are on the plinth 45 minutes, it all depends and I just go with where you lead the session.


Sometimes your balance may bring up that you would benefit from a remedy, such as a flower essence. These are free and I will explain how to take them and for how long, depending on what you need. They are usually in a liquid form and you may ingest them or use as a spray, it all depends. Remedies can be taken with any other supplements or medications you are taking.

What can I expect after the session?

It is a good idea to drink plenty of water after a balance and the next day. The energy of a balance usually takes around three weeks to fully settle. During this time, you can expect to have an improvement in your symptoms as well as an improvement in other things that you may not even have had on your list as an issue. You may feel a variety of emotions and this is good! If you are having a hard day, being sad or angry, give yourself the space to be that. Go for a walk or take a nap, make an easy dinner or even get take-away. Give yourself permission to feel what’s coming up. Don’t question or analyse it. Don’t push it back down! It means energy is moving. Imagine you are wanting to see the beautiful view from the top of a mountain, the trek up to the top may be hard at times but worth it when you get there. Any healing journey is like that.

How many appointments do I need and how soon afterwards?

As Kinesiology is totally client led, I muscle test you to know when you would most benefit your next appointment to be. It is then up to you if you want to follow that. There is no pressure, best results are obtained when you do but I know life can get in the way. You can always make another appointment if you missed your time that was tested for.

Most second appointments test for 4-6 weeks and subsequent appointments further each time so that you would only attend a Kinesiologist a few times a year, unless of course you have something acute going on in which case the body may ask for more frequent appointments.

Is Kinesiology safe when attending other medical practitioners or taking medication?

Yes, Kinesiology is absolutely safe to use with any other therapies or conventional medical therapies. It may better though to not load your system by having some types of therapies within days of each other, but you can, it might just be tough on you emotionally to digest.

If you like you can bring any medications or supplements you are taking and I can test them for you to see if they suit your body. I will never tell you to stop taking medication but I may be able to recommend a supplement, like a vitamin, through testing, for your body to be able to better deal with the medications you are on.

Is Kinesiology safe when I am pregnant?

Yes, Kinesiology is safe when you are pregnant and will in fact benefit your baby as you benefit from your balances. Women find the stress release of their balances calms them and makes the pregnancy and imminent birth easier.

What are the Wellness boxes and Mini Packs about?

The Wellness Box is filled with tips and tools to help you with your stress, worry and life in general. It is a really simple starting point for anyone who wants a better life than what they have at the moment!

You know the way most people are really stressed and mad busy, and it’s just become accepted and so big that you don’t even know how to begin to change it?

Well, I developed these boxes for self-care, filled with simple but powerful tools, information & techniques, that gives you this starting point, and guides you so that you can regain control over your life and be a better version of you.

What is the Grief Journey Box?

The Grief Journey Box is filled with gently, sympathetic information and tools to support you going through the grieving process.

There are 6 entities to choose from, one of which is a booklet, which itself has over 10 techniques explained, including a brief outline of the actual grieving process. From all these many pieces of information and tools, you will be able to choose one which resonates with you, then move on to the others in your own time.

What is the FB support group?

Following the first batch of Wellness Boxes being sold, I was asked to have a FB group to give ongoing support to the users of the box. So the FB group was born! It is now also available for anyone using any of my Self-Care range. I used to post weekly nuggets of information, however clients felt they were getting these on my main feed, however I have left it in place and you are free to ask any question about your product or otherwise, and so it is ongoing support.


Price Package (from 1.9.22)

The investment in you, per session is €65, OR, I offer you the opportunity to purchase three sessions for the reduced price of €175, saving €20!

The choice is entirely yours...

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