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Continued from.... What is it all about, the New Year?

But why do we pin all this hope on one date? I suppose we’ve been conditioned to do so.

People have all sorts of rituals to celebrate and hopefully achieve some of this fabulous good fortune;

•Some leave the front and back doors open to let the house clear out old energy and let in new.

•Some smudge their home.

•Some burn pieces of paper upon which they have written things they want to let go of.

•Some people set new intentions or new year’s resolutions.

•Some drink the night away…

Some do all of the above and I’m sure there are many other rituals that I have never even heard of!

As nice as it is to do these rituals, there is nothing to say you cannot do them at any time of the year if you feel the desire to make a fresh start! Perhaps one could argue that it is more powerful on the night of the 31st, but I would counter argue that the moon cycle holds equally as significant times during the year and, at the end of the day, and most importantly in my book, it’s what resonates for you the most is what will ultimately be the most powerful for you!

The 1st has come and gone, and whatever you did that night I hope it brought you fun!

Did you make some resolutions? More about that in my next blog.

Be kind to yourself, easing yourself back in to routine. It can be a shock to the system going from practically no routine, well, one maybe dictated by chocolate and films, to the real world again! So set your goals by all means but keep it realistic, you can always up things as your momentum takes off. But it's harder to recover from unachieved goals...

Remember to keep your self-talk kind as you begin to navigate 2022.

Keep it simple.

Keep grounded.

Keep Hydrated.

Take one day at a time.

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