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Well, what can I say, my own therapy is obviously close to my heart! Some of you know the story behind me getting into Kinesiology… a friend sent me an email on a Kinesiology course, as she was looking into them for herself. It was totally random but I was curious and a seed was sewn. The courses were all in Dublin so I looked and looked until I found one close by. Something just drew me. I emailed to ask some questions and got talking to Ger. Ger Casey, (Geraldine), became my teacher during the two-year diploma course. What a journey it was!

I started the 4-month Touch for Health course, which is the foundation for the diploma, not having a clue as to what I was getting into. The plan was to the TFH and then decide whether to continue with the Diploma. The students were invited to practice in Ger’s house on a Monday night, so anyone who lived close by, took her up on this offer. It was a Monday night between month 2 and 3, and no one turned up only me… I did my practice on Ger and then she did a balance on me (we call the sessions a balance). Now it wasn’t a real, everything-is-on-offer balance, it was a little balance to show me more Kinesiology, but OMG it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had in my journey of healing! It was like nothing I had ever came across! And right there and then I knew this was what I needed to do.

I then started to attend Ger’s clinic for a balance and alongside the teachings in my Diploma, learned great insights about myself. Most people know it in association to allergies but I like to explain it as a stress release tool. Stress being the ultimate cause of all dis-ease.

Ger has a teaching school and clinic in Cashel;

Kinesiology is a holistic, complimentary and non-invasive therapy. It is totally client focused and takes in your physical, physiological and emotional needs. Through the science of muscle testing, we ‘talk’ to your body as we have access to your ‘bio-feed’, a communication system between your brain and muscles. A practitioner can identify where in the body the stress is, its causes, emotions behind it and what your body needs to diffuse the stress and heal itself.


I first was told about homeopathy over 18 years ago when my daughter was just a baby. She had a cough which wouldn’t improve, despite my efforts at home remedies. Being reluctant to go to a doctor who would probably just put her on antibiotics, I happily gave the homeopathy try. Am I glad I did! Within hours her cough had gotten so much better it was like magic! Years later it is still my first go-to for acute illness. However, it is not just used for acute illness, and I wouldn’t want to give you that impression. In our family it has been used for all sort of stress related issues… Grainne has treated us for grief, nightmares, bedwetting, sinus infections, various trauma including surgery and emotional stuff. I actually couldn’t list it all!

I have had a few homeopaths, but Grainne Adams has been our homeopath now for about 12 years. She has treated every and any sort of ailment in this house, sometimes guiding the remedies on a daily basis in a more severe acute situation. Grainne has clinics in Carlow and Dublin, but a great advantage of this therapy, is that you can do phone consultations so you don’t even need to travel!

I have my own kit with some main remedies and so help is on hand immediately.

So how does it work? It’s based on the principle of ‘like treats like’. It is an energy therapy and the remedies one takes are on one side so mild that they cannot cause harm, and yet when correct and needed, are so powerful that changes can be seen within just a few hours or even minutes depending on the situation.

Craniosacral Therapy

I’ll be honest, I though this therapy was a good oul head massage! OMG was I wrong! Here was I thinking I was going to get a head massage when in fact Linda started at my feet! And the touch was so light I was wondering what she was doing… Well, it didn’t matter, I didn’t need to understand! All I know is that I have never been as relaxed in my life! I was so relaxed; I couldn’t even tell you where her hands were doing the work. It was the most serene, floaty, time stopping experience ever. I would invite anyone to go just for that once off feeling!

But of course, one doesn’t go just to feel relaxed, even though it would be reason enough, as the feeling of being over all more relaxed, stays with you for weeks to follow. Being a holistic therapy, it can, like the others be used for a big variety of ailments both physical and mental, from anxiety to Scoliosis. The therapy uses the craniosacral system, which is an independent fluid system surrounding the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system, to release any restrictions, which in turn creates healing.

Linda Moynan has her practice in Durrow and I know of a few people who bring their children with fantastic calming results. Look her up yourself on her FB page;


This therapy had been in my head for a while, I was apprehensive going because of the great respect I have of energy work. Then I came across Elaine Byrne ( I got to know Elaine in a different capacity and when I realised this was her therapy, I edged closer to the idea.

The first time I went, I was as excited as I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect! We had a chat and I lay on a comfy plinth with a blanket covering me, all cosy. The session was calm, very much ‘me-in-my-bubble’ and I nearly fell asleep, it was kind of like dozing but not, if that makes sense. And I found the feeling of energy moving fascinating!

Elaine had little insights about my wellbeing which led to conversation and a chance for me to reflect afterwards. I got a little homework and skipped home. I was so full of zest in the next few days, it gave me a real push of encouragement to move ahead in life.

So how does it work? The way I understand it, the Reiki practitioner helps move and guide energy around the body to create a healthy flow, hence releasing any blockages so as to promote the bodies own powerful healing ability.


Another Craniosacral therapist I have gone to is T.J. Quinn, also in Durrow,  but he also does Havening. This is a psycho-sensory technique which uses soft hands-on touch. The process removes traumatic memory and stops the activation of the amygdala (part of the brain responsible for processing emotions). The therapy was made famous by Justin Bieber a number of years ago, as he famously uses it to cope with his mental health challenges.

I found the therapy fascinating! When I am having a session, I do my best to leave my own therapy hat outside the door, but I still have some parts of me that attempts to understand how or why I react the way I do, to what is happening. This was definitely the case for me here! I was made very aware that things which I thought I had largely dealt with, were actually still very big in my being. Lesson learned big time! I am not painting a negative picture, rather a big important lesson, which for me was very necessary.

I advocate Havening a lot, as I just love passing on tools where people can help themselves. T.J. can show you how to use the technique and I believe that owning some tools for stress management, gives empowerment and that is so important for one’s true healing.

You can reach T.J. on his email;


As a family, we have attended Kellie Taylor several years back, then had a gap and now I’ve returned again. 

The aim of an osteopath is to improve the body's overall healing system by using a hands-on technique of light, and not so light touch, to promote the healing of joints and muscles. It works with the body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Most people associate it as a physical therapy for physical ailments such as back pain, but it can be used to treat less obvious physical issues, for example digestion or sleep.

I have gone for several sessions and none are really alike. Some days it’s very physical, even a bit sore, but a good sore and still great as I can feel the freer movement afterwards. Other sessions are gentler, so much so that I’ve come close to dozing off! I trust that Kellie does the type of session necessary, gentle or not so, and she always checks with my current symptoms before she starts! Have a look here for more information;

You might at this point say, why when you are a Kinesiologist, do you need these other therapists? Simple, because I am human and need support too!

I hope this explains a little about the experience with these therapies and encourages you to give a therapy, that you may have not considered, a go, simply because you didn’t understand it.

Remember that you don’t actually have to understand it. Just be open. I don’t understand electricity, but I’m happy to turn on switches not caring how it makes the light come on!

Also consider that each therapist is different and works differently. So, if you are drawn to a therapy but had a negative, or not what you expected experience, do find another therapist and have another go. In some ways it’s like any relationship between two people, some fit and some don’t!

Good luck exploring all the great people out there ready to support you!

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