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My first Blog!

continued from... Let me introduce myself

My mother had just died days before our first lock-down, after a very sudden and quick illness, in Spain.

While most other holistic therapists were on social media, posting encouraging, supporting and uplifting content, I buried my head. I’m sorry if anyone was out there waiting for me to post, I just couldn’t, I was not in the right space for that.

Instead, I wrote a number of workshops.

In my head it made perfect sense to do this now.

I had seen a trend in clinic, with my clients, where it looked like information seemed to have gotten ‘lost’ in today’s fast-paced-screen-time-social-media world. I’d had the idea of a workshop in my head for a while, but never took the time to do anything about it.

This was my time.

I wrote and wrote and loved how it allowed me to get all this stuff out on to the page and out of my head. I even kind of missed it when it was done!

Then came the part where I wanted to get it to the people. I had visions of doing group and 1:1 workshops and passing on all this wonderful information so that people could learn the tools to help themselves every day.

Sadly, the pandemic had other ideas and my plans did not come to fruition.

But then I had another idea!! What if I took elements of the workshop, added in all the bits needed, like the crystals, and put it into a box? What if I kept it so simple that they wouldn’t need me to explain it? I mean I could write explanations. I could bundle it up into packs so they knew what went with what. It could work!!

I was very excited! I decided to make 10 boxes and see if anyone was interested…

I did some research but quickly ended up on Amazon for most things I needed. I chatted to friends and others in my holistic world of therapists to get ideas and feedback to my idea.

It all came together and so in the middle of November I put a post on FB that these Wellness Boxes were for sale. I could not believe the response! I was so happy that people seemed to ‘get’ what I was doing. I was expecting a lot of “what is it?” but I think I got two. Overall, I sold 47 boxes. I made a loss of 150 euro but I was so happy.

Now what?

I made some feedback forms and invited people to fill them out. Here, a lady called Louise McSharry from 2FunkiDesign left a review which had me pinch myself, she offered to help me design and brand them properly!! It was actually very funny, as the feedback form were anonymous so how was I going to find her? Well, I found her by sussing out her writing style and recognising her in a comment she left on FB and then just asking her straight out if it was her 😉

And the rest is history as they say. The boxes were launched properly in May this year and my business venture continues. The learning continues and hence I am here today writing a Blog!​

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