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continued from... The importance of having a good workspace

My clinic is obviously used to treat clients for Kinesiology. It is a warm, good energy space, filled with bright light especially in the afternoons. It is mostly quiet and serene. I was taking pictures the other day, of my clinic to use on my shopinireland, and as I took them, and really looked at the space, I know it sound corny, but I became aware again of how much I like the space. I am very grateful for it!

However, I am also protective of the space, the energy in the space. Both for myself when I meditate, journal or do other self-care work, as well as for my clients who come with their various issues such as stress, overwhelm, stress related issues such as IBS or insomnia or otherwise, I protect and care for my clinic. I do the normal cleaning that one does, but I also clean the energy. I use various techniques to clean and clear the energy of the room. I do this after every client and otherwise sporadically, according to how I feel.

When you consciously tune into a room and how it feels to be in there, you get really good at just feeling the energy without putting too much effort in.

Let me give you an example; did you ever walk into a room where there were a couple of people and you just know that something just went down, someone had a quarrel and it’s literally hanging in the air. I’m sure you have heard of the phrase, “cut the tension with a knife”, that’s what I’m talking about. You can feel it, but if someone was to ask you what you feel, you may find it hard to put into words.

This tension can be cleared using a number of different techniques;

• Open windows and doors wide and let the energy out

• Burn sage

• Burn incense

• Spray or diffuse essential oil

• Spray water with sea salt

• Use crystals

• Add plants

If you leave this type of energy and do not clear it, it will linger in the corners and places where there is little movement. But it’s not just this type of ‘quarrel’ energy you must clear, it’s after someone visited that is toxic in your life, or someone that off-loaded their stress and worries on you over a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily; it can often be just everyday life.

Signs to look for that indicate a clearing is needed;

 You may feel uncomfortable or unsettled without knowing why.

 You may notice that there are a lot of rows in the space or irritability.

 You and others may be tired a lot and generally not productive.

 People may be moody and less tolerant.

 You may even be sick a lot.

Therefore, it’s a good idea not to have your space too cluttered and if you just do have a lot of stuff, regularly move it out from the wall etc and let the air circulate (again have your doors and windows open).

Think of clearing as just another cleaning you do. Same way you clean your floor, dishes and laundry, it’s a good idea to clean the air in your home.

Remember also though, the importance of the other bits, the comfortable chair, the good lamp, the desk position etc., etc. Did you know that even the colour of a room can affect your mood?

If your work space is good or not, I invite you to spend some time just sitting in this space and really look at the surroundings. Depending on where you work, at home in your own office, like me at home at the dining table, in your employer’s office or otherwise, all these will depend on what changes you can realistically make. I just would challenge you to look outside the box, see what could be possible, even just to create the awareness for yourself of what you would like, is a start.

Ask yourself;

 What do you like and dislike?

 What would you change? Maybe you cannot change it exactly to that wish, but maybe it could change partially?

 Do you like the colour?

 Do you like the way your desk and chair are facing?

 Do you need to get some plants?

 An infuser for essential oils?

 Is there enough light?

 Are there some decorations which would look well to you, inspirational quotes or little trinkets?

Make the changes you need to make for yourself, forget trends or what your friend says is in, tune into what you need! You are your own expert and if you feel the need to paint a room a certain colour or burn lemon oil or listen to Tibetan flutes, then in my opinion, go for it!

I wish you happy re-inventing your work space!

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