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Continued from...How do emotions present in our bodies? Like physically?

Or what about the phenomenon of people getting sick on their holidays? Does that ring a bell? Are you one of those? In short, it’s because your stress hormones are less and your body is ‘allowed’ to be sick, the sick that it ‘wanted’ to be for a long time but your stress hormones had kept if off…

Or what about insomnia? When you have overstimulated yourself with screens and busy-busy, to the point that your brain is unable to switch off, like it has forgotten how to…

Eventually when we burn the candle at both ends, we get sick. Fact. It’ll start simple and if you don’t address it, it will get bigger, worse and harder to treat.

I suppose we have slowly slipped into a lifestyle where we became busier and busier, and then it became a status symbol. People seem to think that being mad busy is a sign of doing well in life. But we have made ourselves busy with largely what? Things that never even were a thing, are suddenly ruling our free time. Sky TV where you could record stuff, Box sets, Netflix and the whole rabbit hole world of social media, the looking at and the posting. We are no longer in the moment as we are too busy taking shots of the moment to show others, and then we value ourselves according to how much interaction we get on the post…OMG it’s honestly a hamster wheel.

Our chores have become so convenient with appliances to do most everything, sometimes you don’t even have to be present as they do their job of mowing, washing, vacuuming or baking. Less and less people grow any of their own food. We walk less and drive more. We buy online to save us going into a shop. I could go on… And if these appliances have saved us time doing our chores, what have we filled our time with??? More of the busy lifestyle which we have set up.

The consequence though, is that our brain is stimulated too much.

We do less mundane jobs which had the consequence of allowing our brain to digest some of the information we consumed that day. We are not gardening, gathering timber for the fire etc the same, which allowed contact with nature, filled our lungs with good air and connected ourselves to the earth, grounding us. Less contact with people keeps us isolated which robs us of natural opportunities of connection to each other as people, something which we are hardwired to do, to connect.

It’s just so many little things. So many things which we set up to help us, which we set up as a good thing, is actually far from that. And yet most people don’t realise, have no idea what they are doing to their health.

Until they get sick. Sick enough to listen. And yet sadly many do not connect the dots. Many will go to their doctor, who sadly often does not ask about diet, sleep, relaxation or anything emotional going on, other than the symptoms you came in with. If they go to a therapist like a Kinesiologist or many other great holistic therapists, their illness will be looked at as part of the bigger picture, the whole topic will be discussed and learning can occur. A therapist like this can help you join the dots, the dots that you often already know are there. And once you have gained this knowledge, and used the support systems available to you, you never have to go back to that 'place' of helplessness again!

You can change your habits, alter your every day practices, incorporate new lifestyle changes for the better.

Little by little you can make changes needed.

Little by little you can enjoy better health and wellness.

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