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Continued from... New year, new routine

I am most definitely guilty of running a pattern which has me working more hours than I would really like, in a bid to be on top of things, only to find, very frequently that it catches up on me when my self-care lacks AND I also frequently realise that despite my best intentions, I cannot get on top of things.

No one can.

Things, just keep coming, it’s called life!

And in fact, after years of learning, I am very aware that the things we are trying our best to keep on top of, are much easier kept on top of, if you practice self-care!

Read that again!!

It might sound like you’re doing things back to front, however it’s not.

When you practice your self-care, the rest of life will flow much easier. OMG, where would I begin with the list of benefits…

You are calmer, more focused, more tolerant, have fewer physical ailments, more creative, better digestion, more able to problem-solve, lower B/P and risk of cardiac disease, more balanced, more zen, more loving - just generally a better person to be around, living and experiencing a better life.

Trust me, I am barely touching the tip of the iceberg of benefits.

If you have never practiced any self-care, here are some suggestions to get you off to a good start!

All are good, all have benefits.

Ten, 15-minute, Self-care ideas;


   oDiary format

   oGratitude format



   oMusic only







•Clearing energy rituals




   oOther routines that you enjoy


•Take a nap

If you have never done any of these consciously for self-care, it would be good to try them over a period of time and tune in to how you feel during and afterwards.

Self-care is unique to each person. Everyone enjoys and feels the benefits of various routines and practices differently.

Honour your uniqueness in that, do what suits you. Not what is trendy, not what your friend does or your latest influencer advocates.

Have fun experimenting what suits your needs, your time frames and lifestyle.

If you force yourself to do a routine, you will probably not enjoy it, keep going with it or reap the benefits.

Just remember, this is not the same as trying something for the first time and not being sure about it. Give each routine or practice a genuine chance. Some practices take time to get used to and really enjoy, but you will know if it generally feels right.

Enjoy the journey, because it is a journey, you will not get finished, sorry if you thought there was an end destination, there’s not. However, I promise you whole heartedly, that when you practice self-care regularly…


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