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Continued from...How are the new years’ resolutions going?

So, let’s forget about the 1.1.22 deadline for goal setting and let’s look at all of this from a new perspective.

What do you want better in your life?

Write it down.

Why do you want this?

Write it down. This is really important because if you want to, for example, stop smoking and your why is because ‘it’s unhealthy’, you’ll never do it, not long term.

Your why needs to evoke feelings in you. Positive feelings.

•I want to be able to run, coach my sons football team and feel proud and alive.

•I want healthy glowing skin and feel confident about my appearance.

•I want to take up dancing, be fit enough to really enjoy it and feel elated, the natural high of exercise.

After your why is clear and filled with the emotions you are striving for, write a little passage as to how your life looks like with this goal achieved.

Write in the present tense; I run comfortably, (not; I will run comfortably).

Use only positive words; I breathe easily, (not; I don’t run out of breath).

Mention lots of positive feelings about your goal; I feel fit, healthy, vibrant & alive.

Use imagery to help you ‘be there’.

Your passage might look like this;

“My lungs are healthy and perform their job really well. I feel vibrant and full of energy. I run comfortably while coaching my sons’ team and enjoy every minute. I feel alive and am blessed to be part of this chapter in his life. I laugh at the carry-on of the children and look on fondly as they go through their training.”

You can, and should compose the passage in a way that feels right for you. You need to identify with it, feel it as you imagine it, have fun daydreaming about it. And you can add on more as the days pass and you think of new emotions or imagery.

Now you can make a plan but a plan must be realistic, if not you will fail early on and give up totally. Better to achieve smaller and achieve, than set yourself up to fail. Help yourself feel good along the way, make the journey fun and that way you will keep going right to the end.

Consider this;

•What are the steps involved, can you break down big tasks into more doable steps?

•Is there a time frame to adhere to?

•Do you need to get advice or help?

•Is it an idea to buddy up with someone, someone who is working towards a similar goal or who can be an accountability partner?

•Can you reward yourself along the way? Maybe after each or a few steps?

•Do you need to put a review date in place, to make sure you are on track?

•Would it help to have someone look at your plan for extra suggestions?

Remember, any goal, any plan, any work in this direction is better than not. And also remember that you can avail of help in the form of a friend or professional, you just need to make the decision to do so.

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