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Continued from.... Dark days, long nights, blazing fires – and SAD

& 10 tips to help you move into Autumn.

There is a natural cycle of ‘hibernation’, however it does not suit everyone. Simply put, in the summer we spend lots of time outside, gardening, harvesting etc., in fact we spend so long outside, even forgetting to finish up, that it could easily be 11pm before we come inside. Over time, this is an unnatural working day and we use the winter, the early nights, to recuperate, to make up for the long hours spent working in the summer.

Tips to help moving into autumn time;

1.Get daylight hours when you can, move your routine around if you have to.

2.Reduce ‘heavy’ TV or other screen time. You don’t need to add to the heaviness, of the lack of daylight.

3.Mind your diet; too much processed and sugary foods will add to the lethargy and low motivation.

4.I know it’s harder to drink water in the winter months, so look at increasing watery foods such as grapes and perhaps drink some herbal teas or hot water with lemon – look up ideas to make your water more interesting for the winter.

5.Create a habit of going outside despite the weather not being good, even15 minutes will benefit you.

6.Review your self-care routine – perhaps you need to brush up a little… or start something new.

7.Keep connected to friends and family.

8.If you have a history of getting low in the winter time, look out for early signs and act on them immediately.

9.Keep life a littler simpler, expect less of yourself in regard what you do for others, so as to look after yourself more.

10.Seek professional support if you feel your own ‘tools’ are not enough.

The autumn, as a season, lends itself to certain activities which seem nicer at that time of year…

Activities for the autumn;

•Decorate the house with beautiful golden orange leaves; you can string them into a chain, create baskets of leaves and conkers, and then add those simple battery string lights – gorgeous!

•Have a bonfire marshmallow night; before it gets too cold, have a little bonfire – even a small fire pit will do – make hot chocolate, sit around and roast marshmallows!

•Do a ‘new-recipes’ evening chat; now that the slow cooker and casseroles are coming back, have a sit down and look up some new ideas for this winter, you might even find a sweet treat recipe that can be thrown in somewhere!

•An old favourite of mine, is to go for forest walks when the leaves have fallen a lot, I just love the rustle of walking through the leaves, apart from the beautiful colours.

•Plant bulbs but do it with the whole family, involving everyone and end it with a homemade apple pie, made from picked local apples.

•Decide on a new winter routine; a book night, do a course, take up knitting again…

Whether we find the winter a challenge or not, it’s no harm to plan for it a little bit, especially this year as there is already so much doom forecasted.

Now on that, personally I don’t buy into all the hype, ok be prepared and be sensible, but do not start panicking about electricity shortages and other stuff which you actually cannot control anyway!

Concentrate on keeping yourself well, and then you will be able to deal with whatever comes along.

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