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Are you sick of being tired, being so busy, never having time to relax?

Sarah works with women who are stressed, overwhelmed and anxious but are ready to change, to live a life that is calm and enjoyable, and need some help to start their journey. Does that sound like you?

Sarah is a professional support and guide who will enable you to live in a new way which is a better, truer version of you, using skills from professional qualifications and personal experience.

Apart from qualifications, her personal history of trauma, leading to (before her healing journey) an adult life of anger, need to control and general overwhelm, means she can identify with you going through similar behaviours and she can identify with your want to change.

She has walked the path you are on, she thought there is no way out, she thought she had been through too much to be able to change- it just was her cross....

But there is!

Sarah and Sarah’s Self Care Range is the help and guide to support you to a calmer, better version of you, with in-clinic Kinesiology and at-home tools so you never have to be ‘alone’ in you anguish and not know where ‘to turn’ again.

I am just like you...

I am a mother of two children, who are my proudest achievement. I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and friend. Like you, I understand that life is busy, life is challenging, I live it.

But I can support you to live it better!

My name is Sarah, I am a Kinesiologist and in 2020, during the pandemic, I started a range Self-Care products which support you at home also.

My passion is to pass on the benefits of healing in every area of your life, so that you can live better, easier, less complicated and stressful, and be striving to your full potential. I want to help you to live the life that I know is possible!

More about Sarah...

I lived decades with feelings of not being good enough and using perfectionism in a bid to control every circumstance with plan A, B and C. I found the help I needed to change and develop a better, more harmonious and healthy life through the various therapies I had used. Now, realising how profoundly my life was changed for the good, and knowing it can change even from a place that seemed so entangled, I wanted others to experience it too.

I retrained, doing my Diploma in Kinesiology. In combining my nursing experience, my own life experience and now my evidence-based skill set in Kinesiology, I have the opportunity to help people create better lives for themselves in a way I never thought possible.

My desire to help others comes from my own personal experience of being overwhelmed by just about everything… at one point in my life, I fantasised about being in a car crash - just so I could stop, sleep, and someone else could make decisions for me.... that’s how far I had burned the candle at both ends! Perfectionism was driving my racing thoughts and the frustration at trying to do everything so right, left me with constant irritation and utter exhaustion.

My first career started in 1996 as a nurse in the disability sector. I very much enjoyed looking after people in that capacity and I did so for 23 years. However, I had work to do on myself and along this path of self-growth and healing, I discovered many therapies which were all great and served their purpose, still do, but Kinesiology attracted me in a way that, before I knew it, I had signed up to study it!

My first real experience of Kinesiology was just simply mind-bowling. I was totally speechless at what happened. I had just started a foundation course (Touch for Health) in Kinesiology with no prior knowledge or experience. So, here I was at a practice session doing my ‘homework’ and as coincidence would have it (I don’t believe there is such a thing, everything is meant to be even if we don’t understand it), none of the other students turned up and there was just the teacher and I. She did a small balance (session) with me and through the muscle testing she pinpointed an age and an emotion that was causing me a lot of anxiety without me even realising it. During this experience, when I joined the dots, it all made sense. I had been working through some issues and was finding things particularly tough and this experience honestly changed my life in that instant! I could not believe that in a matter of minutes, such a big transition could happen in my thinking and outlook. It made clear to me that I didn’t just want to continue after this foundation course, I needed to! I honestly felt compelled to pass on this experience of discovery and healing to others.

I now have tremendous satisfaction at seeing clients better their life… I cannot put it into words the feeling of gratitude when I see a client experience their own instant healing right there on the plinth and this motivates me to help as many people as I can.

What Peter said...

What a privilege it is to have choice in the forms of healing that are available to us! In our busy lives we often go for the ‘quick fix’ to our ailments – paracetamol, or an Anti-biotic. And we don’t stop to realise that a headache can be caused by dehydration, and a glass of water is a more appropriate ‘cure’ than the paracetamol!

We more often fail by not seeing the reality of when our physical disease is the result of emotional distress which we have left unattended for too long. This too can be healed!

I visited Sarah Heffernan in 2018 about my breathing problems – and when we had explored the underlying causes, it appeared that an unresolved distress with one of my children was the obstacle to my healing. From that point onwards my physical state improved significantly – AND in the following 6 months my relationship with my adult ‘child’ turned a remarkable corner and has brought me a real sense of peace.

Thank you, Sarah.

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